Puppy Love? How about Lion Lust?

It happened. Arising like a pimple on an adolescent face, love hit my youngest and it knocked him out. All this poor boy could think about was his girlfriend, when could he see her,   when can I see her after that, and after that….

You get it. I had just watched the Avengers so I felt a little empowered as my 5’3” neck gazed up at his 5’9 face.

me:We have discussed this before and as wonderful as you, are you know that early dating can leads to early sex

him: ( the concept didn’t intrigue him at all) That’s not going to be a problem

me, dropping Thor’s hammer on my bad toe, shucks, I can I make this a win, win.

I knew that any of my attempt boundaries would be seen a suffocation, and if there’s one thing that makes adolescents itchier than rolling in the poison ivy it’s being forced to comply with one ridiculous adult  who the adolescent is prettty sure never has a girlfriend as hot as his is. This was an important problem. I bit my lip and thought through the problem and lined up the players and values as if the were on a chessboard. Could there be a solution that gave him some empowerment? Because without his complicit help it wasn’t going to go well, not just this weekend but forever.

And that’s when I got it. Ratios!!!!!!!!

Darling, (me again) why don’t we sit and try this one more try (eyeballs make their universal rotation around whatever makes them teens,

Sweetheart. (me again) As wonderful and magical and powerful as your love is…you also have really important male friends that care about you. Male friends need to feel important and cared about. What if for every time you see your girlfriend you have to see  your  friends three times (and this is flexible, you can anything your kids care about.

Done. Lion back to puppy, puppy back to play, games, sports and a love than can be managed and doesn’t let love rule him. I always do my best thinking in WIldnerparks, it must remind me of the danger of being an adolescent parent! 

It’s working so far although I keep a pound of stake in my truck just in case.